category: Limet-Filling pattern
linen used: 13.5/cm thread count
threads used: coton à broder No. 20
stitches used: Cross stitches
center axises: four thread columns
one pattern segment = 5 threads

The filling pattern shown here is a practice exercise only. You can see it used in a shape at the end of this article.

First, establish a Limet grid by alternately cutting 1, leaving 4, vertically and horizontally.

Bring needle up at the bottom of a square between the third and fourth threads from the right,

crosses the square upwards and pick up the two middle fabric threads there.

Always repeat this step up to the top of the row.

Once there, don’t turn the work, but

embroider downwards in the same way. Rectangular crosses are formed.

Further rows are embroidered in the established way next to it, always starting with the stitches leading upwards and

with the downward leading finishing the rows.

This way embroider row by row

until the entire area is filled.

Now turn the work by 90° and embroider crossing stitches in the established way

first again from bottom to top,

then from top to bottom.

This creates double crosses

that seem very prominent.

I discovered this filling pattern on the Schwalm tablecloth from “brubi”.

Here it was embroidered on 16/cm thread count linen.

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