A combination of hem and decorative stitches decorates a rustic lampshade.

In the middle runs a band of a 13-unit mirrored needle-weaving hem, which is bordered at the top and bottom by a row of Peahole hemstitch.

The Peahole hem is followed by a needle-weaving hem with an A-pattern over 4 units. Blanket stitch half-eyelet scallops complete the border.

The entire combination reaches a height of 12 cm.

The embroidered and washed fabric was sewn together in a tubular shape and – with a hem at the top and bottom – pulled over a wire frame.

Rubber bands were pulled into the hems. This allowed the fabric to turn around the edges

and hold the lampshade in place.

At the upper end, the fabric was folded and shaped with a ribbon.

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