Advent Calendar 2023 – Nativity Scene
Hairstyles and Facial Features of Wise Men

As usual, the outlines have to be embroidered first so that the lines don’t fade in the meantime.
It is advisable to start with the delicate parts, as precise lines are particularly important here. The order of the figures is up to each individual.

Many of the following pictures do not show perfect embroidery. On the one hand, the stitches during the work process and with the translucent outlines always look messier than those of a freshly washed and well-ironed item. On the other hand, my stitches are becoming more wobbly due to age, and I also had to embroider quickly so that the project could be finished on time. Nevertheless, I show details in close-ups.

The first Wise Man gets hair from wrapped Chain stitches (coton à broder No. 16)

and a profile of wrapped Back stitches (coton à broder No. 25).

Likewise the second Wise Man, whose turban outlines are embroidered with Chain stitches (coton à broder No. 16).

If you want to avoid the working threads on the back traveling from one part to the next showing through,

you have to embroider each facial detail with a short single thread, knot the ends of the thread on the back and trim them.

For the hair and face of the third Wise Man, coton à broder No. 20 is used.

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