Advent Calendar 2023 – Nativity Scene
Robe of the first Shepherd

The outlines of the clothing are usually worked with Coral Knot stitches (coton à broder No. 16), sometimes also with Stem stitches. The internal contour lines are not always embroidered in order to simplify thread withdrawing and working the filling patterns.

This is also the case with the first shepherd, whose stick is to be embroidered later.

All parts of the coat from the first shepherd should receive the same filling pattern.

To make the sleeve stand out a little, the thread withdrawing is slightly offset both lengthwise and crosswise.

After withdrawing the marking threads, the Chain stitches are embroidered (coton à broder No. 25) and then the threads are withdrawn (leave 3, cut 1) over the entire area.

Filling pattern 543 is worked with coton à broder No. 20.

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