Advent Calendar 2023 – Nativity Scene
Stick of the first Shepherd

The stick should be embroidered with Couching (coton à broder No. 16). To do this, an embroidery thread (from the hand to the tip of the stick) is stretched over one side of the outline and held in position with the needle. With a second embroidery thread, the stretched thread is secured to the groud fabric with small tacking (or couching) stitches spaced at short intervals.
(Find further information about couching in my book Early Schwalm Whitework)

The last Couching stitch at the tip holds the tension thread so that it can now be stretched back to the hand. Again, it is fastened by Couching stitches.

The inside of the stick is also filled with Couching stitches according to the shape.

The pommel of the stick is embroidered in a similar way.

The dress that peeks out from under the coat remains unembroidered. The shoes also do not receive any further filling. This completes the first figure, Shepherd 1.

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