Easter is coming soon – time to think about a new Easter tea cloth again.

I picked out a pricked template to make prints. My choice fell on “Bunnies between Daisies”.

The motifs are relatively easy to embroider

and the areas of the bunnies can be filled in a variety of ways.

I now offer such tea cloths for sale.
Used is 16 tpcm linen (Weddigen #925) in off-white, cut to size 70 cm X 70 cm. The design square has a size of 48 cm X 48 cm.

First the selvedges have to be cut off, then the cloths have to be cut to size.
So that the prints can be placed in the middle and appear in the straight of grain, a total of 6 marking threads must be inserted.

Based on this, the four prints are carefully performed.

Tea cloths with this printed design can be purchased for €34.55 (including 19% VAT, plus shipping costs). It is €29,03 for people out of the EU.

Since this item is not listed in my shop, you can order via my email address info@luzine-happel.de.

If you would rather transfer a pattern onto linen yourself, I can recommend the “Hare Circle Dance”. – a very soberly and yet very effective Easter outline design.

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