Weber Group from 64853 Otzberg-Lengfeld – Germany

Marion Weber from Ober-Ramstadt is one of my supporters and co-signer of the application for the admission of Schwalm whitework (“Hesse embroidery”) in the nationwide register of intangible cultural heritage.

After the previous course leader left, she took over the management of a group with currently 18 participants. Twice a year – in spring and autumn – courses “Hessian whitework, an ancient art, reinterpreted” are offered on four Saturdays each under the title “Short thread, hard-working girl”. These are aimed at participants who have previous knowledge as well as beginners.

The courses are held in the Museum für Odenwälder Volkskultur.
The respective events are advertised via the Gersprenztaler Anzeigeblatt (page 2). This feeds the attraction of other interested embroiderers.

The Alte Zollhaus, which the museum uses, offers an unusual atmosphere in which the embroiderers visibly feel comfortable.

Even if the lighting there is sometimes not optimal, the embroiderers help themselves with headlamps, magnifying lamps and the like.

Often not only small but also complex work is created, which is continued at home during the course-free period.

When they see each other again, there is great anticipation of experiencing and marveling at what has been created in the meantime. This motivates, exhilarates and encourages passionate creation.

The embroiderers used to take place on the Veste Otzberg in the museum´s cafe. There, other museum visitors actively took advantage of the opportunity to look over the shoulders of the embroiderers and learn something about the technique. This option was no longer possible due to the closure of the fortress. There are plans to hold similar events at village markets.

The lively group is happy to welcome additional participants at any time. Even if someone would like to spontaneously take a look or “sniff”, they are welcome – perhaps this Saturday (March 23, 2024 – 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

The Old Customs House is located at Bismarckstrasse 4 in 64853 Otzberg-Lengfeld
Ms. Weber can be reached by telephone at: 06154/53323

My heartfelt thanks go to Ms. Weber for helping to prevent me from giving up during a difficult phase and for being willing to sign as a co-signer. Her work is entirely in the spirit of intangible cultural heritage: passing on and preserving Schwalm whitework (“Hesse embroidery”).

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