I am happy to announce that another one of my Schwalm whitework projects has made it into the world-class magazine Inspirations – the world´s most beautiful needlework.

This time they wanted me to work a small Schwalm typical border with tulip and sunflower motifs on a hand towel. So I created a matching design, embroidered it on white linen and finished it as hand towel.

I was looking for special filling patterns that reflect the shape of the respective motif and chose Limet withdrawn-thread patterns. A couple of different leaves, stems, tendrils and small flowers completed the embroidery.

Inspirations named it Tulip & Sunflowers. The professions brought the small project beautifully to life on the pages of the magazin.

Detailed instructions can be found in the magazine.

Best of all, Inspirations has put together a kit. With the right materials, one can easily start embroidering such a project.

  1. Congratulations ! It’s a beautiful project and many people will see your work.

  2. Congratulations !!
    ”Bright & Beautiful”spring has come

  3. Could this pattern be adapted to fit a large linen napkin (@18 “ x 18”)? I am new to white work and a set of 8 napkins would be for my neice. I need to be realistic about timelines. How long did it take you to do this hand towel?

    • Hello Suzan,

      unfortunately I did not note down the needed hours for this project, but I think with preparing, embroidering and finishing with the hem it were about 12-15 hours.
      And please mind, that I can embroider very fast. Not all embroiderer can do it in the same time. And you, new to whitework, will need much more time, I think. Also enlarged motifs need more time to be embroidered.
      May be, you should work one motif, may be a circle or a tulip, to test, how long it will take. (Working the same design several times brings practice and experience and it will succeed faster and faster.)

      Best wishes

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