to Commemorate 200 Years of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales


You might be wondering why are fairy tales included on a website that has to do with Schwalm whitework. The reason is quite simple; many fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm originated here in our area! First, there is “Mother Holle”; she holds dominion over the “Hohe Meissner”—the mountain right outside my front door. Then there is “Sleeping Beauty”—her castle, the “Sababurg”, is not far from here in the “Reinhardswald” Forest. And of course, we must not forget “Little Red Riding Hood”. It is widely believed that the creation and naming of this fairy tale comes from the costumes of the Schwalm.

What could be better than to grapple with this theme in the whitework embroidery technique indigenous to the place where these stories originated—especially in this special anniversary year, 2013, of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales.

Of special interest for me, the artist Gudrun Hartwig created wonderful designs that were realized in embroidery. See the outcome:

Little Red Riding Hood“Little Red Riding Hood”, worked on 16 threads per cm Weddigen linen

Mother Holle“Mother Holle”, worked on old handwoven linen

Sleeping Beauty“Sleeping Beauty”, worked on 13.5 threads per cm linen with a layer of plain linen in the background. This treatment makes it especially effective when back-lit whether as a curtain, a window picture or a fabulous lamp.

The are many other fairy tale designs. Consider to embroider a cloth in white with all the different fairy tales—the result would be unique and something absolutely special.

  1. Die Märchenbilder sind einmalig schön. Besonders hat es mir das Schloss von Dornröschen angetan. Wunderschöne Arbeit.


    • Hallo Anja,
      demnächst werden die Handzeichnungen dieser Märchenbilder als download-Produkt hier erhältlich sein.
      Beste Grüße

  2. Liebe Luzine,

    da stimme ich Anja bei! Und so ein Grimm-Jahr is für mich natúrlich besonders toll.

    Herzlichen Grüßen,

    Jessica Grimm

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