Openwork Pattern Samplers
Openwork Needleweaving Patterns
Openwork Pattern Samplers
(Mustertücher „Lichte Muster“)
Openwork Needleweaving Patterns
(Lichte Muster „Stopfstiche“)

Now, finally, two more important books are available as English editions. One offers multifaceted variations for creating a sampler with Openwork patterns. The other contains an immense collection of such patterns ready for your needle and thread. With the two you can develop your totally individual and uniquely varied sampler.

Of course, each book stands alone as a precious treasure trove.

Openwork Pattern Samplers

Have you once tried to work a sampler? One starts with withdrawing threads and begins to embroider. Soon one notices that – in spite of very carefully planning – one overlooked an important fact. What to do now?

This book shows 7 different samplers with instructions covering everything, in great detail, from dividing the fabric into workable sections up through the finishing. The text is accompanied by respective pictures.


Also, there are 27 new variations on established Openwork filling patterns, all shown in step-by-step pictures. A view to the table of contents briefs on the variety.


Because it is inelegant if one does not put a symmetrical pattern centered in a motif, in this book one can find important tips to avoid this mistake.


In addition to this title, a downloadable file will be available soon. It will show a pretty wreath whose motifs were embroidered with patterns described here.

Openwork Needleweaving Patterns

When working Openwork patterns, one must always begin by making a grid by withdrawing every other pair of length- and crosswise fabric threads.
The established grid is stabilized by working Single Faggot stitched from the back. Afterwards the grid can be embellished with different patterns.
Included herein are only different seamless Openwork Needleweaving patterns – 175 in all. Working these is described in easy to understand step-by-step pictures.

Openwork Needleweaving Patterns_02
Openwork Needleweaving Patterns_03
Openwork Needleweaving Patterns_04
Openwork Needleweaving Patterns_05
Openwork Needleweaving Patterns_06
Openwork Needleweaving Patterns_07

There are tips for efficient working orders and for choosing the right pattern for specific motifs, and some embroidered examples. In the book you will find the same Schwalm design — a border comprised of a tulip, bud, circle and leaves — completed 8 separate times, each with different Openwork Needleweaving patterns. In this way, one can compare the different effects of the individual patterns.

Openwork Pattern Samplers
Openwork Needleweaving Patterns
Openwork Pattern Samplers
illustrated with step-by-step instructions
Text: English
109 pages, colour
plastic comb binding

35,00 €
Openwork Needleweaving Patterns
Filling patterns illustrated with step-by-step instructions
Text: English
93 pages, colour
plastic comb binding

with a table of contents showing each pattern for ease in location instructions
29,90 €

  1. Wieder Schon Luzine. Beautiful as always. Such a talent and so grateful that you share it with the world.

  2. Always wonderful books, Luzine!I agree with Colleen you are so talented and love share it with all of us! Thank you for not letting to forget your traditional needle handwork!
    I wish I had a bit of your talent for our Portuguese embroideries…
    Best regards Méri

  3. Hello, Luzine! I am so happy to see these new books! Your books are always beautiful and well done. I love the myriad patterns for the drawn thread / needle weaving – the techniques can be used on so many types of embroidery, too. Wonderful stuff! ~Mary

    • Dear Mary,
      It is a great honour for me to read your words. You, knowing about the contents of most embroidery books and making so very many book reviews, are always welcome with your thoughts-the more so when your opinions are sooo positive.
      Thank you.

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