Downloads for Schwalm Whitework Embroidery

Shipping prices—especially to foreign countries—are high. So I will give it a whirl to offer some products for downloading.
To start off, three different files will be available. All three have been referred to in former posts in the “news” column of my website:

  1. “24 small designs suitable for embroidering Easter eggs in the size of chicken eggs”
  2. “3 Fairy Tale Motifs, line drawings of Gudrun Hartwig: Mother Holle, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood”
  3. “Motif “Antique Wreath”-Tea Cloth 1-2009: design, thread withdrawal, hem decoration, corner crowns”

24 small designs

In the posting of March 17, 2013 it is explained how to embroider linen with small Schwalm-typical motifs and Schwalm Patterns for covering plastic eggs to create decorative Easter eggs—a very special type of seasonal German embroidery.
Now I offer an attractive range of 24 such small designs for downloading.
(Note: these 24 are included in the 60 designs of the leaflet “Embroidered Easter Eggs”.)
Cover - 24 small Designs

24 small designs suitable for embroidering Easter eggs in the size of chicken eggs
2 pages
€ 2,50
download now

3 Fairy Tale Motifs

In the posting of May 26, 2013 I presented whitework pictures of German fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm: Mother Holle, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood. These were realized in embroidery by the wonderful designs of Gudrun Hartwig. Now these 3 line drawings are available as a download file.
Cover - Fairy Tale Motifs

3 Fairy Tale Motifs
line drawings of Gudrun Hartwig: Mother Holle, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood
3 pages
€ 2
download now

Motif “Antique Wreath”

In the posting of June 6, 2013 two new English titles were featured. One of them is “Openwork Pattern Samplers” (the translation of the German title “Mustertücher `Lichte Muster´”); Openwork patterns, along with Limet patterns, are a fundamental aspect of Schwalm whitework. Some years ago I worked a tea cloth—my cloth 1-2009—with a wreath design embroidered with patterns from this book. The design of the wreath was created as a variation of a preserved Schwalm border with traditional shapes.
A small document for downloading allows you to rework this pretty cloth. You will find the reduced design, notes for the thread withdrawal and the different filling patterns that where chosen for my example. A special hem—not included in my book “Fancy Hems”—is described in great detail and with step-by-step pictures as well as the application of a corner crown. (Note: the description of working the filling patterns must be taken from the book “Openwork Pattern Samplers”.)
Cover - Antique Wreath

Motif “Antique Wreath”
Tea Cloth 1-2009
design, thread withdrawal, hem decoration, corner crowns
10 pages
text: English
€ 5
download now
  1. Liebe Luzine,

    Ich habe heute das Motiv “Alter Kranz” und die 3 Maerchenmotive gekauft und heruntergeladen
    es ging alles einwandfrei.

    Herzlichen Gruessen

  2. A fantastic idea I have just purchased the Antique Wreath pattern.

    Susanne from New Zealand

  3. Dear Luzine,
    What a good idea! Thank you so much for this news!

    Best regards

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