To my delight I will once again become a grandmother. Although my grandchild will not be descended from a royal family, a baby is always worthy of a crown – even if only a mere embroidered one. It has always been my dream to dress a beautiful antique wooden cradle with elaborate whitework. When my own children were born, there was no time. Later, I did not have the right motivation to start such a project. And so, if not now, then when?

The cradle is already here:
Wiege | cradle

And I already have a pillow stuffed with delightfully light, fleecy, and cosy warm down.
Daunen | down

Only the pillowcase is missing. Perhaps something like this?
Kissenbezug 1 | pillowcase 1

Or this?
Kissenbezug 2 | pillowcase 2

No, not quite. It should be pure white and of the finest linen, embellished with elaborate whitework and, of course, a beautiful golden crown. I will not forget to include the initials and the year of birth. The embroidery need not reach to the side seams because the side of the pillow will not be visible due to the the wall of the cradle. In any case, for my royal ensemble, small duck motifs should be part of the design; I am undecided on the other elements of the design.

And the crown?
Perhaps I will choose the crown design No. 22 from my book “Schwalm Crowns”. It is small and simple and brings to mind three little children, embedded in protective arms, surrounded by heartiness and love; and the sun shines on all.
Or perhaps a version from my book “Grand Schwalm Crowns”? There are a couple designs suitable for a child. (While considering the different designs, I got the idea to also make a tester for the cradle and to decorate this with the smallest version of a crown, No. 57.) How about crown No. 7, or maybe crown No. 42? Crown No. 50 is a possibility and also crown No. 53 would be pretty.
Crown No. 54 reminds me, with its curved bottom edge, a little bit of the cradle shape. Oh, there are too many nice crowns! …
And yet I consider crown No. 35 from “Schwalm Crowns” – a third shoot, gently developing between the first two (this grandchild will have 2 big brothers), watched over and protected by eagle-eyes?
Oh, I think, I will fall back to the very strict shape of crown No. 80 from “Schwalm Crowns” which remotely reminds me of a nostalgic sledge, inside which the infant is wrapped warm and cozy ready to discover the (winter) world.

There is a special “royal” baby in your life too, I am sure!?

  1. My dear Luzine
    How wonderful for you, another grandchild, many congratulations, although you do not say whether girl or boy! Having four grandsons I am wishing you a little girl so you can have someone to pass your wonderful stitching talents to. That is what I wished for but no such luck!! I read your emails with such interest and I continue with my cloth – very s l o w l y! and I am also doing a bobbin lace border to finish it with and my instructor said last week she wonders which piece will be finished first – I am just hoping I can complete both before I ‘pop my clogs!!’ as they say. Otherwise all well and we can feel autumn looming and soon we will have winter and those dark dreary days but I have to say we have had a fairly good summer. Wishing you all the best and congratulations again.
    Fond luv

    • Dear Eleanor,
      it will become a girl!! I dream to teach her in all kinds of needlework, especially in embroidery. And I hope, she is interested in all the things I have treasured – all the books and magazines, all the pretty embroideries and all the equipment.
      But she is not born so far and I absolutely do not want to overwhelm or to burden her with expections. It would be nice, if she is interested, but it is also no prblem, if she is not.
      She is very welcome as she is.

      And you are welcome with a photo of your finished cloth with the bobbon lace border.
      I wish you many hours of happy handworking

  2. Hello Luzine, What a beautiful crib. I cannot wait to see it “dressed” for the baby. How many grandchildren do you have? regards

    • Hello Colleen,
      Yes, the crib is beautiful, I think too. And I hope, it we become more beautiful dressed with all the equipment. Unfortunately it is a long way to get all finished, but if, I will show you the result.

  3. Luzine, Congratulations! That is wonderful news. Please keep us informed about your progress; would love to see pictures! Again, congratulations!

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