No. 443
category: Openwork pattern with Cable stitch grid
stitches used: Needleweaving over 1, 3 and 5 squares; changing the direction
center: square
negative pattern to No. 442
Lichter Fadenauszug | thread withdrawing cut 2-leave 2
Starting in the middle, always alternate withdrawing and leaving two vertical threads. Do the same with the horizontal thread; it is best to start below the concave point of the heart (upper point). The established grid is stabilized with Single Faggot stitches – which is simply Cable stitch from the front – worked from the back side of the fabric.
Einstopfen des Musters | weaving the pattern
Starting at the concave point (the middle of the motif), the pattern (alternating rhombi with 1, 3, 5, 3 as well 1 and blocks with 3 X 3 squares) will be woven in a stair-step manner. You will notice how the direction of the weaving changes with each weaving pattern.
Reihe neben Reihe | row by row
To move from one block to the next, empty squares are left. To hold them clear and open, the working thread has to be wrapped around the bundled threads of the grid in the same direction of the Single Faggot stitches. This way the wrapping is barely visible.
If you require more detailed instructions, please refer to “Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework” or “Openwork Needleweaving Patterns”.

Diagonal pattern rows are worked one after the other until the entire shape is filled.
fertiges Muster 443 | finished pattern 443
Washed, starched and ironed the finished pattern shows its charm.

Another 175 Needleweaving patterns can be found in my book “Openwork Needleweaving Patterns”.

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