No. 444
category: Limet-Filling pattern
stitches used: Satin stitches over one square in the width and 2 squares x 7 stitches of warped eyelet longitudinal striped pattern
longitudinal axis:withdrawn thread line

Limetfadenauszug | thread with drawing cut 1-leave 3

Starting in the middle, always alternate withdrawing 1 vertical thread and leaving 3 vertical threads.
Do the same with the horizontal threads; it is best to start right below the concave point of the heart (upper point).
In rows, from bottom to top and back, embroider Satin stitches as “bars”. Leave the two centermost square-rows unworked, and stitch a Satin stitch bar over 1 square in the width, *leave 2 square-rows unworked and stitch another Satin stitch bar*. Always repeat the steps (*), until one half of the shape is filled. Again starting in the middle, fill the second half mirrored.

Limetrosenmuster 1. Schritt | Square Eyelet pattern 1. step
You now have pairs of vertical square-rows. The left side of each pair of square-rows is now embroidered from bottom to top with parts of the warped eyelet. Therefore work, always starting at the same point, 7 stitches over 1 square in the width, moving with every stitch one fabric thread up.

1. Schritt, vergrößert | 1. step, enlarged
For the exact placement of the stitches, please look to the enlarged image. For more detailed description please refer to my book “Limetrosen I”.

Limetrosenmuster 2. Schritt | Square Eyelet pattern 2. step
The remaining square-row is embroidered from top to bottom mirrored to the first.

fertiges Muster, ungewaschen | finished pattern before laundry
The finished pattern – here yet unwashed – has a three-dimensional effect.

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