January is the snowiest month of the year here. So, I decided to create snowballs to decorate the monthly tablecloth.

A simple circle design with a double line (Here: internal diameter 7.3 cm; external diameter 8.5 cm) was ironed on Weddigen linen, 13.5/cm thread count. I think ironing is the best way to get a true circle on the linen.


Use Coton à broder No. 16 for Coral Knot stitches, No. 20 for Blanket stitches and for Chain stitches. Coral Knot stitches were worked along the inner line. Chain stitches were worked a small distance outside, the Coral Knot stitches. The outside Chain stitches were covered with densely worked Blanket stitches between the outline and the Coral Knot line.

Using Coton à broder No. 30 Chain stitches were worked directly inside the Coral Knot stitches. The shape was filled with pattern “445”.

Randbefestigung | edge securing

After finishing, the embroidered piece was washed (boiled), starched and ironed. Then, the circle was cut.

Ausschneiden | cut the finished pieceIf needed, such closely trimmed embroidery can be washed and ironed – quick and easy – at any time, but never spun in a washing machine!

Platzierung auf der Decke | placement on the cloth

To decorate your tablecloth with snowballs, work several and place them in a pleasing arrangement over the tabletop.linienförmige Anordnung | arrangement in a straight line

Of course, such small doilies also can be used as coasters.

Verwendung als Untersetzer | use as coaster

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