As already mentioned in “Schwalm Costume – an overview“, the festive costume consisted of many different elements. Where to begin? Pure and simple, where we all normally start dressing – with the underclothing.

Women in the Schwalm wore undershirts. I do not know of underpants at the time. Later, when the Schwalm woman will be fully dressed, you will be able to imagine why.

The undershirt was made from pure linen. It was a little more than knee long and simply shaped – a little bit wider at the bottom.

Sommer-Unterhemd | Summer-undershirt
Rückseite | backside

The Summer-undershirt was sleeveless and without any closure. The Winter-undershirt had long sleeves and maybe a band for closing.

Seitenansicht | side view
Winter-Unterhemd | Winter-undershirt

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