In February there is Valentine’s Day: the day for lovers. And what could be more appropriate than to choose the heart – the symbol for love – for this month’s tablecloth decoration. Of course, the heart is doubly appropriate for our purpose since the motif plays a big role in Schwalm whitework.

In past posts, “A Comparison of Iron-On Transfer Pencils” and “Iron Transfer versus direct Tracing”, one can find a heart design. Also on this blog one can find many articles describing how to embroider a heart.

Herzkontur | heart design

Embroider some such hearts, either all the same size and the same shape or in different sizes or shapes.

One can see how to cut out an embroidered heart here: “Small Project – Slate meets Linen”.

Das Herz wird ausgeschnitten | cut the heart - 1

It is a fun to play with the finished pieces to test the different possibilities for decoration and to find your favorite arrangement.

kleeblattförmige Anordnung | clover leaf order

kreisförmige Anordnung | circled order

Anordnung in gerade Linie | straight band

paarweise Anordnung | pair of hearts

bogenfoermige Anordnung | curved order

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  1. It’s so cute & pretty !

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