No. 446
category: simple drawn thread filling pattern
stitches used: Satin stitches over 3 threads in the width and Honeycomb Darning stitches
vertical axis: withdrawn thread line
materials used: 13.5/cm thread-count Weddigen linen
Coton à broder No. 20 (Coral Knot stitches, Satin stitches and Honeycomb Darning stitches), No.
25 (Blanket stitches) and No. 30 (Chain stitches)

Fadenauszug | thread withdrawing

Starting in the middle, alternate withdrawing 1 vertical thread and leaving 3 vertical threads.
In vertical columns, from bottom to top and back, embroider Satin stitches as “bars”. From the center, leave unworked the 2 centermost groups of 3 vertical threads. Stitch a Satin stitch bar over the next 3 threads, *leave 2 groups of 3 unworked, then work another Satin stitch bar*. Always repeat the steps (*), until one half of the shape is filled.

Wickelstichstangen | Satin stitch bars

Again starting in the middle, fill the second half mirrored.

Waffelstiche | Honeycomb Darning stitches

The right of the two remaining groups of 3 vertical threads are now embroidered, from bottom to top, with Honeycomb Darning stitches over 4 threads in the width (when the heart is turned 90°).
Finally, the remaining group of 3 vertical threads is embroidered from top to bottom mirrored to the first.

Waffelstiche vergrößert | Honeycomd Darning stitches enlarged

The enlarged image shows how the Honeycomb Darning stitch is worked. However, more detailed instructions can be found in my book “Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework”.

fertiges Muster ungewaschen | finisched pattern before laundry

The finished pattern – here unwashed – has a three-dimensional effect.

gewaschen gestaerkt gebuegelt | washed starched and ironed

Washed, starched and ironed the finished pattern shows its full charm.

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