No. 447
category: Limet-Filling pattern
stitches used: Satin stitches over one square in the width and 6 squares in the height as well as Rose stitches
longitudinal axis: withdrawn thread line

First, in the established Limet grid, work Satin stitches as “Wickerwork of double bars with gaps”.
Therefore work pairs of bars consisting of 18 Satin stitches (6 squares) over one square (3 threads).
In each row always alternate the direction of the double bars from vertical to horizontal.
Wickelstiche 1 | Satin stitches 1
And in subsequent rows, work the double bars opposite from how they were worked in the previous row.
Flechtwerk aus Wickelstichen | Wickerwork
Work one Rose stitch in each of the remaining squares. Moving from one stitch to the next, please slide the working thread through the backs of the previously worked stitches so that the traveling thread is invisible from the front.
Rosenstiche zwischen Wickelstichen | Rose stitches between Satin stitches
Washed, starched and ironed the pattern gets its full charm.
This example was worked on 17/cm thread-count old handwoven linen with Coton à broder No. 20.
gewaschen, gestärkt und gebügelt | washed and ironed
Such a pattern is also attractive utilizing more space. In the example below it was worked on 13.5/cm thread-count linen with Coton à broder No. 25.
447 in groeßerer Flaeche | 447 in a largershape

  1. Beautiful! Thank you Luzinne!

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  3. Just too gorgeous for words. Thanks Luzine for all your efforts keeping us up to date with news and new patterns which I follow avidly. Really have to make a plan to come and visit sometime!

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