Typical Schwalm designs consist of many different large motifs of simple figures (heart, tulip, basket, circle, etc.) which are bound together by tendrils, small leaves and small flowers.

First, one must create the outlines of the simple figures.
All motifs mirrored on a vertical axis, for example heart and tulip, are created from a fold-cut.

Therefore, a sheet of card stock or paper board is needed. It is folded along its length.
gefalteter Karton | folded paper board
From the fold, half of the desired motif is drawn and then precisely cut out.

aufgezeichnete Motivhälften | drawn motif halfs
ausgeschnittene Motive | cut motifs

In this way one gets stencils in different shapes and sizes.
Vielfalt an Formen und Größen | variety of shapesTo get circles or segments of circles, a pair of compasses or simple round items may be used.
Hilfsmittel zum Zeichnen | utilities for drawing
Kreise und Kreisabschnitte | cirles and segments of circlesThe stencils are laid upon a sheet of paper and held with one hand while the other hand traces around the shape with a pencil.
Zeichnen entlang der Schablone | tracing around the stencil
In this way the outline of a motif becomes a part of the design.
Konturenlinie | outline design
Please try it! It is very fun to get, for example, different tulip shapes using the fold-cut technique.
You will be astonished and surprised by the wide variety of shapes you will get.

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