A spring-fresh tulip wreath!

When I got the idea for this tulip wreath, I had a romantic and nostalgic picture before my eyes. It showed young ladies in a spring meadow dancing hand-in-hand in a circle. So, I chose the tulip shape whose tips, sprawled out wide, remind me of the dancing young ladies in the meadow.

Because I needed a double line, I measured in from the outline 0.5 cm and marked it with dots placed close together. I then connected the dots to make a line. In the end my shape measured 13.2 cm wide and 10 cm in the high.
I marked the vertical and the horizontal axis on the linen to be able to transfer the outline precisely.
Fadengerades Aufbügeln | exact placement
Umrandung | surroundingOn Weddigen linen, 13.5/cm thread count, Coral Knot stitches were worked along the inner line using Coton à broder No. 16. Using Coton à broder No. 20 Chain stitches were worked a small distance outside the Coral Knot stitches. The outside Chain stitches were covered with densely worked Blanket stitches between the outline and the Coral Knot line, also using Coton à broder No. 20. Using Coton à broder No. 30 Chain stitches were worked directly inside the Coral Knot stitches.
The shape was filled with pattern “448”. This pattern I will present in a later article.
448 ungewaschen | 448 before laundryAfter finishing, the embroidered piece was washed (boiled), starched and ironed. Then, the tulip was cut. If needed, such closely trimmed embroidery can be washed and ironed – quick and easy – at any time, but never spun in a washing machine!
4 Tulpen | 4 tulipsAlready with four such tulips one can establish a nice decoration.
6 Tulpen | 6 tulipsUsing six tulips one can get a small wreath.
2 x 4 Tulpen | 2 x 4 tulipsI embroidered eight pieces. These can be arranged into two groups of 4
8 Tulpen | 8 tulipsor made into a wreath of eight tulips. It looks beautiful, doesn´t it?

By the way, all those small projects are only the precursors of Schwalm whitework. If one wishes to have such a wreath as a Schwalm design, one must add at least one other shape with a filling pattern and also, tendrils, small leaves and perhaps some small flowers. The result could look so:Schwälmer Tulpenkranz | Schwalm tulip-wreath

  1. Perfect! You always make the things so simple! 🙂
    Hope you are well, Luzine!Happy weekend

  2. Visiting from Mary Corbet’s blog. Your whitework is stunning. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I will be visiting again. Creative Stitching Bliss…

  3. Mary wrote a nice article on you today! Loved seeing the tulips!

  4. Beautiful! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!! I’m another visitor from Mary’s recommendation.
    Do you know of any linen stockists in the Uk?

    • I got one more request regarding linen in the UK. I found out, that Weddigen do not sell to UK, because there is not enough request for this fabric. I try to find out, which kind of linen is suitable for Schwalm in UK, but I got no answer so far. I will let you know, if my search is successful.

  5. Beautiful!!!! Wonderfull!!!

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