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Embroidery at its best
In this new exhibition, one will be able to marvel at a wide range of beautiful and impressive embroideries. Many talented hands have created true masterpieces of embroidery art – especially Schwalm whitework. Well-known designers have accomplished a small miracle by creating many new and expert designs.

Such a vast display of “Schwalm Crowns” has never been assembled before! Our ancestors have left us a treasure trove of the most beautiful and most interesting ornamentation. The Schwalm Crown designs that will be on display were reproduced, through diligence and hard work, from an extensive collection of traditional embroidery. More than 100 of these Schwalm-typical additions to gorgeous white embroidery are shown. Other elegant crowns – made suitable for the whitework in a modified form – find their way onto various exhibition pieces.
Trachtenzubehoer | Schwalm corstume accessoires
Also on display will be embroidery unique to the Schwalm costume of bygone eras. You will be able to see “cap-top” designs, “apron-square” designs, and garter designs!

The exhibition will also include a focus on the quaint variety of embroidered bird shapes. The “Schwalm Bird Tree” is only one example of the wide range of different designs. The surviving bird motifs, integrated into modern designs, keep alive an inimitable charm. The embroidered “Bird Wedding ” will surely appeal to you! Many samplers anticipate the almost unlimited design possibilities of this fascinating embroidery technique.
Vogelbaumbild | Framed Schwalm Bird Tree
In addition to very old embroideries (some several hundreds of years old), there will be traditional embroidery with a new modern look without frills. Please look forward to a spring-fresh tulip wreath as well as an impressive leaves square, and much, much more. It will not be easy to find your “favorite”. I invite you to embark on the hunt!

This exhibition is shown on the second floor of the building “Boyneburger Tor 3” in 37269 Eschwege, Germany. It is an additional exhibition to my permanent exhibition on the third floor.

The exhibitions will be open from 03. June through 30. August; every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11-15
Entrance Fee: €4 (includes access to both exhibitions)
Special circumstances will be considered; if you are unable to visit on posted days, please email your request.

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful exhibit and I will actually be in Germany while it is running. Unfortunately, it looks too far away from Munich to visit. 🙁

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