No. 449
category: Limet-Filling pattern
stitches used: Rose stitches and Four-Sided stitches
longitudinal axis: group of three threads

First, in the established Limet grid, work a square of 4 X 4 Rose stitches. Position the square of Rose stitches at the bottom-middle of the shape. Please note that when working Rose stitches in straight rows parts of neighboring stitches will overlap.
Quadrat aus 4x4 Kästchenstichen | Rose stitch squareWork one Four-Sided stitch in the center of the square.

To keep the empty holes around the Four-Sided stitches clear and open, please slide the working thread, moving from one stitch to the next, through the backs of the previously worked stitches so that the traveling thread is invisible from the front.
Kästchenstichmitte | Four-Sided stitch centerOne side of the established Rose stitch square is the first side of the next Rose stitch square.
Continue working the next square of Rose stitches and again work one Four-Sided stitch into the center.
aneinander grenzende Quadrate | adjacent squaresWork Rose stitch squares with Four-Sided stitch centers all over the shape.
fertiges Muster 449 | finished pattern 449Washed, starched and ironed the pattern gets its full charm.
This example was worked on 17/cm thread-count old handwoven linen with Coton à broder No. 20.

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