Now all is well prepared for the upcoming exhibition; on Tuesday, 03. June, visitors will be able to see for themselves.
Please, allow me to give you a little virtual tour.
Ausstellung/Exhibition 2014 (1)In the three adjacent “crown-halls”, one will find many impressive pieces of contemporary whitework along with a unique variety of antique and reproduced embroideries featuring Schwalm crowns.
Ausstellung/Exhibition 2014 (2)Along the walls of each room, rows of framed and meticulously hung embroidered crowns set the theme of the exhibition. The interested viewer will be able to see, draped on tables, window seats, and walls, many skillfully worked fine cloths, nice doilies, noble table runners and picturesque pillowcases.
Ausstellung/Exhibition 2014 (3)An abundance of very elaborate embroideries (antique, vintage, and contemporary), as well as less elaborate versions, will be on display.
Ausstellung/Exhibition 2014 (4)In every room you will find places to sit, rest, and be inspired. From very old, antique exhibits a lot can be learned and then applied to contemporary whitework. The “blue corner”, the “Christmas corner” and, of course, the “costume corner” offer individual specialities.
Ausstellung/Exhibition 2014 (5)The “aviary” hosts all the gorgeous bird motifs. The “Schwalm Bird Tree”, the “Bird Wedding Sampler”, the “Bird Wedding Cloth” will make you marvel. An array of designs (borders, wreath, corner, and center motifs) featuring the charming Schwalm birds rounds off the amazing collection. Of course, crowns with integrated bird motifs should not be overlooked.
Ausstellung/Exhibition 2014 (6)The round table has been placed so to offer the opportunity to rummage through books, design drawings and design prints, to chat, to discuss and to learn. On most days, Mrs. Mengel, an experienced teacher, will be present beside me.

Everything is ready for you … all except ONE picture which I am withholding from you for a little while. Please look forward to it!

Here you can download a flyer with all pertinent information regarding the exhibition “noble & WHITE”.

  1. Simply breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing. My husband and I hope to make it to Germany one day.

  2. So beautiful Luzine. I hope you have many visitors to your exhibition.

  3. Wir möchten noch einmal “Dankeschön” sagen für diese wunderschöne Ausstellung. Der weite Weg hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt und wir können die Ausstellung allen weiterempfehlen, welche noch überlegen. Kommen, sehen, staunen und bewundern!

    Die Motorradfahrer aus Biedenkopf
    Sigrid und Torsten Eckel

    • Danke für den netten Kommentar. Dann sind Sie also wohlbehalten nach Hause zurückgekehrt und können jetzt in Ruhe die vielen Eindrücke verarbeiten. Nochmals vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch.

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