The Schwalm buckle shoes were closed with …buckles. They could be bought from a buckle maker.
The buckle maker got the brass blanks from yellow metal foundries in Kassel or Berlin.
Schnallen Rohling
The buckle maker had two tasks. First, he had to make the blanks usable by giving them a “heart”
Herz der Schuhschnalle
and a “tongue” from black plate.
Zunge der Schuhschnalle
These components were movable, fastened around a pin.
festgenieteter Stift zur Befestigung_von Herz und Zunge
Sometimes the buckle maker added a year or a sign of his workshop.
Second, the buckle maker had to embellish the festive buckles for holidays with additional decoration. He soldered pieces of copper sheet or copper rivets in bored holes.
Kupferblättchen und Kupfernieten
Often the face of the copper sheets were finely engraved
ziselierte Kupferblättchen
or the area surrounding the rivets were decorated with chiseled marks.
Ziselierung um die Nieten
In the end the buckles were brought to a mirror finish using mineral spirits and chalk.
polierte Schnalle

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