Exhibition Catalogue 2011 “The Art of Schwalm Whitework”

It happened that some of my English speaking customers got the German version of my exhibition catalogue 2011. They were so enthusiastic about it and gave me so much grateful feedback that I decided to translate the text from German to English. The catalogue document is not only a picture book, but it also contains descriptions of the exhibits — often including the measurements of the designs, valuable particulars and information, and where to find more detailed descriptions and instructions.

Up to now, I have not offered the catalogue in my online shop; with its 142 pages, it is not economical to ship. So I have decided to make the catalogue downloadable. Putting together the 297 excellent pictures and close-up photos was a lot of work, but I believe it has turned out to be a worthwhile document. (Please note that some of the pictures can also be found on my website or in my books.)

Now, after some months of preparatory work, it is finished and ready to present to you!

Perhaps one might think that downloading a document consisting of 6 different large files is a bit onerous. But consider this: you will be able to see 142 examples of traditional and brilliant contemporary Schwalm whitework in the comfort of your own home. Compare this to traveling to a foreign country and staying in strange environments, all which are not only expensive, but also very strenuous. The exhibition online catalogue is a trove of wonderful designs and information.

Don’t forget that having the document on your computer screen enables you to zoom in and to look carefully at each small detail!

Why not give yourself a Christmas gift? Only a few minutes for downloading will yield many hours comfortably looking through the pages and getting inspired!

The Art of Schwalm Whitework - Exhibition Catalogue 2011

The Art of Schwalm Whitework – Exhibition Catalogue 2011

  • documentation of the 2011 exhibition in Eschwege, Germany
  • Text: English
  • Pages: 142, many excellent pictures and close-up photos showing details

Consists mainly of Schwalm Whitework. One will find both extravagant historical pieces and elaborate contemporary projects. Included are examples of all types of Schwalm Whitework.
One can find Easter motifs and Christmas embroideries, as well as an elaborately worked Christening robe. Pattern samplers as well as modern whitework complete the collection.
Finally, each exhibit is described in detail.

For those who do not mind paying high shipping costs, and who prefer to have a printed version, I also offer the same document as a paper product.

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