In my embroidery collection there are two table runners (one embroidered by me) worked with the same design, but nevertheless they have very different appearances. Here, and in future posts, I will compare the two.

Most obvious is the finished shape of the table runners; one is finished as a rectangle,
the other is finished as an oval.
The design measures 60 cm in the length and 24 cm in the width and has the following basic shape:
Bild_03 Designform
The rectangular table runner was worked on 16/cm thread count Weddigen linen.
Bild_04 Weddigen Leinen 16-fädig
For the oval table runner 17-19/cm thread count old handwoven linen was used.
Bild_05 Altes Leinen 17 - 19fädig
Finished, the rectangular runner measures 95 cm X 44 cm. The hem is 3 cm wide with a 1cm wide fold. Half Peahole hem was stitched as a hem decoration.
Therefore, on one side threads are bundled with Four-Sided stitches and on the opposite side two of these bundles are wrapped with one Antique Hem stitch.
The oval runner measures 78 cm X 31 cm. The hem decoration is 2.2 cm wide needle lace. The runner has a 0.5 cm wide rolled hem,
where the needle lace was fastened.

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