One Schwalm Design – Two Interpretations (1)

In my embroidery collection there are two table runners (one embroidered by me) worked with the same design, but nevertheless they have very different appearances. Here, and in future posts, I will compare the two.

Most obvious is the finished shape of the table runners; one is finished as a rectangle,
the other is finished as an oval.
The design measures 60 cm in the length and 24 cm in the width and has the following basic shape:
Bild_03 Designform
The rectangular table runner was worked on 16/cm thread count Weddigen linen.
Bild_04 Weddigen Leinen 16-fädig
For the oval table runner 17-19/cm thread count old handwoven linen was used.
Bild_05 Altes Leinen 17 - 19fädig
Finished, the rectangular runner measures 95 cm X 44 cm. The hem is 3 cm wide with a 1cm wide fold. Half Peahole hem was stitched as a hem decoration.
Therefore, on one side threads are bundled with Four-Sided stitches and on the opposite side two of these bundles are wrapped with one Antique Hem stitch.
The oval runner measures 78 cm X 31 cm. The hem decoration is 2.2 cm wide needle lace. The runner has a 0.5 cm wide rolled hem,
where the needle lace was fastened.

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