Sometimes, in order to maintain the harmony of the design, it is necessary that some of the symmetrical motifs will not be placed on the straight of grain or on the bias.

An experienced embroiderer can compensate by creating a special filling pattern, as shown in the picture below.
The shape is not placed exactly on the straight of grain (blue) or on the bias (red), but somewhere in between (green). Nevertheless, a suitable pattern was found; it meets the axis of the motif and so harmoniously matches the entire shape.
Or a more neutral pattern can be used, where the direction of grain is not of great importance, like Honeycomd Darning stitches
or Wave stitches, Rose stitches or Diagonal Cross filling stitches (below picture).
If you find the need to incorporate asymmetrical motifs into the design, it is always best to place, at the outset, symmetrical motifs on the straight of grain or on the bias and to find asymmetrical motifs and circles for all other places.

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