No. 472
category: Limet-Filling pattern
stitches used: Rose stitches and Satin stitches
longitudinal axis: group of three threads (in other shapes/motifs: center = square)

In the established Limet grid (cut 1, leave 3), work a grid of Rose stitches. Some Rose stitches will intersect other rows of Rose stitches creating blocks of 2 X 2 Rose stitches.
Position a block of Rose stitches at the bottom-middle of the shape. Please note that when working Rose stitches in straight rows parts of adjacent stitches will overlap.
If one has another design to be filled, an octagon should be centered. For example, in a circle one can start the grid as follows:
Establish the Limet grid (cut 1, leave 3) so that in the center there is a square.
In this established grid (created by the diagonally worked Rose stitches), Satin stitches are worked in vertical rows.
Always blocks of 3 – 9 – 3 Satin stitches are places in each octagon.
Washed, starched and ironed the pattern gets its full charm.
This example was worked on 17/cm thread-count old handwoven linen with Coton à broder No. 20.

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