No. 474
category: Limet-Filling pattern; please note that this is worked on a leave 4, cut 1grid
stitches used: diagonal Satin stitches over 1, 2, 3 and 4 intersection points of the fabric threads and Rose stitches
center = intersection of withdrawn thread lines (in other shapes or motifs: longitudinal axis =
withdrawn thread line

474 is a beautiful, but difficult pattern to work.
474_1First, both the horizontal and the vertical center threads are withdrawn.
474_2Working from the center outwards, a Limet grid is established by leaving 4 threads, and cutting 1.
474_3Orient the withdrawn thread lines so that they run diagonally and bring the needle up one thread up and to the left of the bottom of any rhombus on the diagonal center axis. The needle travels to the right and crosses the intersection point of two fabric threads; insert the needle and bring it up at the left one fabric thread up from first stitch.
474_4Work more Satin stitches – 7 in all – from right to left, always moving one thread up on both sides.
474_5third stitch
474_6fourth stitch
474_7fifth stitch
474_8sixth stitch
474_9With the seventh stitch the needle travels to the next starting point at the bottom left of the next rhombus.
474_10Work the 7 Satin stitches again. When taking the first stitch, be careful to insert the needle into the withdrawn thread line and not between the fabric threads of an adjacent rhombus, as the picture below shows. The fabric threads easily shift out of place when traveling from one rhombus to the beginning of the next.
474_11Work, leaving a distance of one rhombus between, rows of Satin stitch rhombi all over the shape.
474_12Turn work 90° and work, up from the diagonal center axis, rows of rhombi perpendicular to the rows already worked.
474_13Please be careful to keep the holes between the stitches clean and open, and avoid inserting your needle into a previously worked thread as seen in the picture above – bottom left (red arrow).

Work Rose stitches in the remaining squares.
474_14Washed, starched and irond the pattern shows its full charme.
474_15This example was worked on 13.5/cm thread count linen using Coton à broder No. 30 for both the Satin stitches and the Rose stitches.

  1. superbe magnifique je possede 4 livres de vous .je vous admire beaucoup bodin c

    • Pour obtenir de bons résultats, vous avez besoin d’un bon guide. Je cherche toujours, accuratly expliqué.
      Merci pour la louange.

  2. This is beautiful as is the bolster from today’s posting.

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