A small doily with a center design is worked.
The design, a circle with a leaves and scallops, is transferred to the center of a piece of linen (13.5/cm thread count) measuring 20 cm X 20 cm.
474_d_1The original design measures 8.5 cm X 8.5 cm.
Coral Knot stitches are worked along the circle line using Coton à broder No. 16.
Using Coton à broder No. 20 for both, the leaves are worked with Satin stitches, and the scallops are worked with Blanket stitches.
474_d_3Inside the Coral Knot stitches, Chain stitches are worked using Coton à broder No. 25.
The circle is filled with pattern 474, using Coton à broder No. 30.
474_d_4A hem depth of 2 cm (+ 1 cm fold) is chosen.
So, for the basic line of the hem, a thread is withdrawn 5 cm in from the edges, and a second thread, adjacent to and inward of the thread just removed, is also withdrawn. For the fold a thread is withdrawn 1 cm from the edges.
474_d_5The 1 cm fold and the 2 cm hem is marked by creasing the linen using your thumbnail or other tool.
The corner is trimmed on the bias 1 cm outside the intersection of the creased hem lines.
474_d_6The 1 cm, bias-cut seam allowance at the corner is folded back,
474_d_7the hem is laid into place, basted, and secured with hem stitches.
474_d_8Hem stitches are also worked along the inside edge of the withdrawn thread line in order to maintain a stable and regular edge.
474_d_9The corners are sewn with small invisible hand stitches.
474_d_10The basting threads are removed.
474_d_11Washed, starched and ironed a nice small doily is finished.

  1. Stunning!!!
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  2. Just superb! Thank you.

  3. OI Luzine Hppel obrigado por nos agraciar com esse trabalho

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