A doily with an extravagant knife point decoration is worked.
A circle design with a knife point outline is transferred to the center of a linen (16/cm thread count) square measuring 30 cm X 30 cm. The original design measures 12 cm in diameter.
Coral Knot stitches are worked along the circle line using Coton à broder No. 16.
The knife points are worked with Satin stitches using Coton à broder No. 20. Please use the instructions here: Schwalm Designs – Knife Points (3).
MSpD_2Inside the Coral Knots stitches Chain stitches are worked using Coton à broder No. 25.
The shape is filled with pattern 475 using Coton à broder No. 30.
MSpD_3To get a hem decoration to match the center design, knife points of the same size (as those on the center design) are worked.

A hem of approximately 2 cm (+ 1 cm wide fold) is chosen. So from the linen square 30 cm X 30 cm a square of 20 cm X 20 cm is remaining. The base of one knife point measures 1.2 cm.
20 cm : 1.2 cm = 16.67
So 16 points can be worked.
16 X 1.2 cm = 19.2 cm
0.4 cm each side is taken to the additional hem width.
The basic line of the hem is 5.4 cm up from the edges, where a thread is withdrawn.

A design, with 16 points of 1.2 cm in the width and 2 cm in the height, is drawn on paper.
MSpD_4At one side a corner design is added. The knife point decoration is placed outwards from the basic line.
MSpD_5The design is transferred to the linen, along each side, always carefully watching that the withdrawn thread line has the exact same lenght of the paper design (ironing the linen in one or the other direction helps to get the right length).
MSpD_6After working the knife points, a thread is withdrawn 1 cm up from the edges.
MSpD_7The hem is fastened at the basic line.
MSpD_8Washed, starched and ironed a nice doily with an extravagant knife point decoration is finished.

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