No. 477
category: Limet-Filling pattern; please note that this is worked on a leave 4, cut 1grid
stitches used: 4 X 9 stitches of the simple square eyelet and Rose stitches
center: intersection of withdrawn thread lines (in other shapes or motifs, longitudinal axis = withdrawn thread line)

This pattern is similar to pattern 476.
476_477_1First, both the horizontal and the vertical center threads are withdrawn.
476_477_2Working from the center outwards, a Limet grid is established by leaving 4 threads, and cutting 1.
476_477_3In the established Limet grid, work a grid of nine-stitch simple square eyelets. In this example a Rose stitch should lay in the center of the shape. So from the center, bring the needle up diagonally to the left, one square up. Work 9 stitches of the simple square eyelet counterclockwise around the starting point.
476_477_4Repeat working 9 stitches of the simple square eyelet, counterclockwise moving around the center, in diagonal rows as seen in the picture above
476_477_6and crosswise to establish the grid.
477_7In the remaining squares, Rose stitches are worked.
477_8Washed, starched, and ironed one more pretty pattern is finished. The partial square eyelets look embossed, whereas the ares with Rose stitches are flat. This makes an interesting contrast.

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