Quick and Easy Cording

At the end of last year’s workshop, cording was needed to finish projects. Sally found my established and traditional way of making cording (twisting with the help of a pencil) archaic
Kordel_1and asked if I had a twister. Unfortunately, I did not know about this special tool. So, this year she brought one along for me.

A twister is a small, light, and handy tool that is about 13 cm long.
Kordel_2It is composed of a handle, a hook for holding the threads, and interlocking gearwheels.
Kordel_3When the handle is turned, the gearwheels cause the hook to rotate, thus twisting the hooked threads.
Kordel_4How much faster, easier, and more evenly a cord is twisted when using this small utensil. It is great fun!
Kordel_5To achieve a tightly twisted cord, the ends of the twisted thread are held with the hand, the hook is taken out and hung on the twisted thread as a weight,
Kordel_6and the twisted thread is folded onto itself to twist into a thicker cord.
Kordel_7It is also fun to twist cords with 2, 3, or more colours.
Kordel_8Thanks for sharing, Sally!

  1. Thank you for this great information.

  2. Hello Luzine, I have the same tool to make my own cording, it works beautifully. But I have another suggestion. I tie the threads to jusst one of the beaters of my electric hand mixer (for whipping cream) and the other end to a door knob across the room. The hand mixer does a beautiful job of twisting the threads and making a tight cord very quickly.
    I am facinated by your beautiful work, and I have made several pieces myself.

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