At the end of last year’s workshop, cording was needed to finish projects. Sally found my established and traditional way of making cording (twisting with the help of a pencil) archaic
Kordel_1and asked if I had a twister. Unfortunately, I did not know about this special tool. So, this year she brought one along for me.

A twister is a small, light, and handy tool that is about 13 cm long.
Kordel_2It is composed of a handle, a hook for holding the threads, and interlocking gearwheels.
Kordel_3When the handle is turned, the gearwheels cause the hook to rotate, thus twisting the hooked threads.
Kordel_4How much faster, easier, and more evenly a cord is twisted when using this small utensil. It is great fun!
Kordel_5To achieve a tightly twisted cord, the ends of the twisted thread are held with the hand, the hook is taken out and hung on the twisted thread as a weight,
Kordel_6and the twisted thread is folded onto itself to twist into a thicker cord.
Kordel_7It is also fun to twist cords with 2, 3, or more colours.
Kordel_8Thanks for sharing, Sally!

  1. Thank you for this great information.

  2. Hello Luzine, I have the same tool to make my own cording, it works beautifully. But I have another suggestion. I tie the threads to jusst one of the beaters of my electric hand mixer (for whipping cream) and the other end to a door knob across the room. The hand mixer does a beautiful job of twisting the threads and making a tight cord very quickly.
    I am facinated by your beautiful work, and I have made several pieces myself.

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