Today, I present some very special practice exercises. Looking for designs that would be suitable for practicing stitching tendrils, I got the idea to ask an artist. I was really surprised and delighted to receive designs from Gudrun Hartwig! She also designed the fabulous Fairy Tale creations on my blog. I asked her for square designs measuring 10 cm X 10 cm. As requested, one can work the designs with or without the square outline.
To make another pincushion, I stitched a design without the square outline. First, I used two different thread weights – No. 16 and No. 20. A third – thicker – thread would be good for working tendrils with differing thicknesses. So I also used a No. 12 thread.
spir2_2My finished project is very special, isn’t it?
spir2_3Here are some more stunning designs; they will allow you to make unique projects while practicing stitching tendrils.

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