Many totally different Schwalm needlelace edge decorations have already been shown in many blog posts: the simple needlelace scallops stacked in the shape of a pyramid,
nadelspitze_1needlelace pyramids, and
nadelspitze_2multirow simple needlelace scallops with pyramids inside and outlined with connected picots.
nadelspitze_3Also presented was needlelace made in a double row of scallops: Two scallops were stitched side by side; a third scallop was stitched on top of the two to connect them, and a fourth scallop, which was additionally decorated with picots, spans over the trio.
nadelspitze_4Readers of my blog also saw this edging: Three rows of bound double scallops as well as one row of single scallops decorate the sleeve cuff of a traditional Schwalm bodice.
nadelspitze_5And needlelace was also seen worked on the bottom edge of a lampshade. The needlelace was made in an inverted pyramid shape (3-2-1). A row of picots borders the outside edges of the pyramids and binds them together.
nadelspitze_6And one of the blog’s many projects, a small lavender bag, featured a single row of simple needlelace scallops on its edge.
nadelspitze_7Below are two more examples of needlelace edgings: Three rows of simple needlelace scallops with pyramids inside and outlined with connected picots decorate a traditional Schwalm bodice (C).
nadelspitze_8And four-tier scallop pyramids outlined with Bullion Knot picots finish the especially beautiful contemporary Schwalm table cloth.
nadelspitze_9This selection gives you only a small glimpse into the variety of needlelace edge decorations common in the Schwalm. The booklet also includes many needlelace edgings from different centuries, including some rare examples. By combining single elements of the edgings many more needlelace patterns can be established. Unfortunately, many embroiderers shy away from working needlelace – the edgings are really very easy to embroider if one has good instructions at hand.

Here is the guidance you’ve been looking for! In this downloadable file, you will get 51 pages that include more than 200 pictures and instructions for working all the most popular Schwalm needlelace edgings. Of course, the edgings are described in great detail and illustrated with step-bystep instructions. After an introduction into the subject, needlelace scallops, needlelace pyramids, and picots are explained. Below is the table of contents:

Simple Buttonhole stitch scallops including basic layout and working notes
Double Buttonhole stitch scallops
Multirow Buttonhole stitch scallops
Simple Buttonhole stitch scallops stacked in the shape of a pyramid
Simple Blanket stitch pyramid
Supported Blanket stitch pyramid
Supported Buttonhole stitch pyramid
Wrapped Buttonhole stitch pyramid
Simple Buttonhole stitch pyramid
Pyramid inside scallops
Picots made with Bullion Knots
Picots made with Buttonhole or Blanket stitches – also called connected picots

51 pages
211 images
21,5 MB file size
text: English
25.00 EUR
download here

Of course it is also possible to get this publication as a printed booklet for the same price (25.00 EUR) plus shipping charges. This option is not shown in my online shop, so please email me with your request.

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