One can practice tendrils and forks not only on pincushions and ornaments but also on samplers.
sampler1_1For my sampler, different small borders from “Schwalm Curved Lines, Narrow Borders, and Ornamental Stitches” have been arranged to make a sampler measuring 17 cm X 26 cm. It was embroidered on old handwoven linen.
sampler1_2In addition to tendrils and forks,
sampler1_3Coral Knot stitches in different formations, Blanket stitches, and Satin stitches can be practiced on the sampler.
sampler1_4One can create “curved lines” in many variations – combined with hearts, drops, small leaves and small flowers, and more. Many items can be embellished with curved lines; let your imagination run wild!

The patterns of the single borders are aligned and arranged into a sampler pattern. To help you get started (and to save you a lot of time in designing and laying out a sampler), I am offering for free via email the sampler outline pattern page seen in this article to everyone who has purchased my publication “Schwalm Curved Lines, Narrow Borders, and Ornamental Stitches.”

Enjoy embroidering one more beautiful piece!

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