The area in and around Neukirchen, in the Schwalm, was a hotspot for making bobbin lace. So it is not surprising that bobbin lace is found on both different garments and different linens.
As already mentioned in the article Historical Schwalm Whitework and Lace, bobbin lace, in combination with Schwalm whitework, is found at the sleeve cuffs of the blue bodices and at the edges of the dyed-to-blue decorative handkerchiefs.
Bobbin lace is also found on bed coverings, door hangings, and at the front edges of the dyed-toblue communion caps. It is also found on knitted baby caps.

Here are some examples of all these:
1_KS_1Very elaborately embroidered dyed-to-blue bodice sleeve with bobbin lace
2_KS_1Dyed-to-blue decorative handkerchief with whitework and bobbin lace
3_KS_1Parts of two different bed coverings with crowns, openwork pattern bands, needle-weaving bands, and bobbin lace
4_KS_1Pillowcase with bobbin lace as bands for tying
5_KS_1Dyed-to-blue old Schwalm “Ziehhaube” (communion cap) with bobbin lace at the front edge
6_KS_1Knitted baby cap with bobbin lace at the edges
7_KS_1Contemporary Schwalm whitework on a tablecloth with bobbin lace at the edges

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