Today I present two more designs, with diameters of about 7.5 cm, that are perfect for embroidering a band. These designs are also well-suited for practicing small pointed leaves. Other same-size patterns will be featured in future articles.
First, the center points of the designs are marked on the strip of linen to ensure an even distribution. I decided for a distance of 12.5 cm from center point to center point; this will result in a distance of 5 cm between the individual circles. Linen with a 13.5/cm thread count is used.
2_17-2017Transfer the designs to the linen – keeping in mind that the design ends up mirrored when ironing it to the linen.
3_17-2017Coton à broder No. 16 is used for Coral Knot stitches, No. 20 for Blanket stitches and for Chain stitches. At the outside edge, Coral Knot stitches are worked along the inner line. Chain stitches are worked a small distance outside these Coral Knot stitches. The outside Chain stitches are covered with densely worked Blanket stitches between the outline and the Coral Knot line.
4_17-2017Using coton à broder No. 20 for the Satin stitches, the leaves are worked. Please remember: Densely work the stitches following the shape of the leaf; that means the stitches do not lie quite parallel – at the center of the leaf they are slightly closer together than at the outside edge. Always turn the piece so that the needle runs horizontally from right to left. The stitch at the tip of the leaf should run straight from the middle line to the top point. So that the leaf looks truly pointed in the end, this stitch is made 1–2 mm beyond the outline.
5_17-2017The second side of the leaf is worked from the tip back to the stem, always taking the needle down at the outside edge and bringing it back up at middle line.
6_17-2017On the band, the second design is not placed directly next to its variant. Rather, alternate designs with tendrils, designs with leaves, and designs with other small elements.
7_17-2017The image above shows a section of the finished band.
8_17-2017Washed, starched, and ironed both practice designs look pretty.

  1. Hallo Frau Happel,

    wunderschöne Idee und eine super Anleitung, um Blätter sticken zu üben. Liebe Grüße aus Weilburg

    • Danke für das Kompliment! Gerade arbeite ich an einer weiteren präzisen Anleitung – ich habe Spaß an dem dort beschriebenen Element. Und ich nehme an, dass auch meine Leserinnen Freude daran haben werden.

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