For practicing tendrils, forks, and leaves I have already provided some circle designs. These and some additional designs – which will be published in future articles – are perfect for decorating a band of linen.
I used a linen strip measuring 18 cm X 135 cm.

The center line and the center points of the designs are marked on the linen strip to ensure an even distribution in a straight line. I decided for a distance of 12.5 cm from center point to center point, this will result in a distance of 5 cm between the individual circles. Placement of design elements is always difficult when starting a new project that doesn’t have a pattern example. Viewing the finished band, I am satisfied with the distribution of the shapes. However, one could also choose to move them a little bit closer together.
1_18-2017The designs are transferred to the fabric by ironing and then embroidered.
2_18-2017After finishing the single shapes – ten in all – the sections for the hem are prepared. I wanted to finish the short sides with an open mitered corner. So, on along the two long edges, two threads are withdrawn. The first thread is withdrawn 1 cm inward the edge, and the second thread is withdrawn 3 cm inward the just established withdrawn-thread line.
3_18-2017The fabric is folded to the back along the outermost withdrawn-thread line.
4_18-2017It is folded again to the back so that the first fold reaches the second withdrawn-thread line.
5_18-2017The hem is pinned, basted in place, and then secured with Antique hem stitches.
6_18-2017One short side has a selvage, the other is secured with zigzag stitches.
7_18-2017With right sides together, the short sides are sewn closed.
8_18-2017The band is boiled, starched, and ironed. Ironing is done from the back, making sure to iron only one layer of the mitered corner. Then the piece is flipped over, and the remaining part is ironed. In this way, the fold will not make an impression on the front of the fabric.
9_18-2017Ironing the piece face down on a thick and soft surface (such as a terry towel) and sustaining the heat of the iron, makes the embroidery wonderfully striking.
10_18-2017The beautiful small band – established as a practicing piece for small whitework embroidery elements – can dress up any table.
11_18-2017Hanging vertically, it is a pretty decoration for small wall recesses or wooden door frames. Fastened on a window, the embroidery is especially effective.

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  1. This is a beautiful idea, I will certainly be trying it. Thank you for your very clear tutorial.

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