Combinations of tendrils and small pointed leaves can establish many beautiful patterns. Here I present two designs for continuing the band with circle designs. Both are suitable for practicing small pointed leaves and tendrils.
1_19-2017The designs are transferred to the linen by ironing using a DEKA pencil.
2_19-2017First, the preparatory work is done per the explanations in the leaves practicing article.
Using coton à broder No. 20, the first tendril offshoot is worked up from the tip of the leaf.
3_19-2017After finishing the tendril, the working thread is slid through the stitches on the back to come back to the base, where stitching the leaf is started.
4_19-2017Finishing the leaf, the stitching naturally merges into the second tendril offshoot.
5_19-2017The design looks pretty washed, starched, and ironed.
6_19-2017Preparing to work the second design is the same. Then the tendrils
7_19-2017and the leaf groupings are worked.
8_19-2017When finished you have another nice and quick-to-work practicing piece for small whitework elements.

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