A Blanket stitch eyelet is a small circle covered with closely worked Blanket stitches. All stitches start from the center and are worked counterclockwise. The loops create the outside edge.
1_21-2017It is difficult to get a true circle when drawing by hand. But only with a perfect circle can one achieve the best results when embroidering. So it is appropriate to use a tool for drawing circles.
2_21-2017After transferring the design to the linen, the piece is stretched in a hoop. Bring needle up directly on the outline,
3_21-2017pull the thread through and lay a loop to the left and downward. Insert the needle into the center, and bring it up again on the outline, a small distance from where the thread first emerged.
4_21-2017The thread should be situated beneath the needle.
5_21-2017Pull the thread through, and tighten it in the direction of the stitch so that a small hole is established in the center (but do not distort the weave of the fabric).
6_21-2017While holding the thread in this direction, insert the needle in the center again, and bring it up on the outline next to the previous stitch.
7_21-2017Again situate the thread beneath the needle,
8_21-2017and work a Blanket stitch as described before.
9_21-2017Always starting from the center, Blanket stitches are densely worked one after another. Always rotate the piece so that the needle can prick from right to left. The stitches should be evenly distributed, and they should have an orderly appearance at the center. If necessary, widen the center hole a little bit using the needle.
10_21-2017When the circle is filled, close the round by inserting the needle directly under the first loop and slide the thread to the back.
11_21-2017In this way you get a wonderful round Blanket stitch eyelet.
12_21-2017Of course, after boiling, starching, and ironing the blue outline disappears, and the Blanket stitch eyelet looks excellent (please keep in mind, that the image shows a strong magnification).
13_21-2017I found the stitch clearly drawn in a Danish booklet from Esther Fangel.

Haandarbejdets Fremmes Haandbøger
Esther Fangel
Gammel Dansk
14_21-2017Esther Fangel: Gammel Dansk Hvidsøm

This booklet focuses on traditional Danish whitework, which is in parts similar to Schwalm whitework.

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