The simple Blanket stitch eyelet is a very important element of Schwalm whitework. As shown in the Blanket Stitch Eyelets article, it can be used in many creative ways. Here I present two more designs for the band with circle designs. Both are suitable for practicing blanket stitch eyelets in two different sizes. It is best to start with the larger eyelets.
The designs are transferred to the linen by ironing using a DEKA pencil.
First, the preparatory work is done per the explanations in the leaves practicing article.
Using coton à broder No. 20, the Blanket stitch eyelets are begun by bringing the needle up directly on the outline,
and then always starting from the center, stitches are placed close together one after another.
When the circle is filled, the round is closed by inserting the needle directly under the first loop and sliding the thread to the back.
In this way you get a wonderful round Blanket stitch eyelet.
Both designs look pretty washed, starched, and ironed.

  1. These are beautiful and as I scroll down to see some other posts I am being tempted to try some whitework!

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