Today I present two more designs for the band with circle designs. Both are suitable for practicing blanket stitch eyelets in combination with small pointed leaves.
The designs are transferred to the linen, and the preparatory work is done per the explanations in the leaves practicing article.
Using coton à broder No. 20, the leaves of a group are worked first,
one after another.
Then the Blanket stitch eyelet is worked.
The embroidery is continued always working the leaves first and then the Blanket stitch eyelet.
In the second design, the first step is to work Coral knots up from the edge to create the stems of the leaves and the Blanket stitch eyelets.
Then the leaves
and the Blanket stitch eyelets are worked.
Both designs look pretty washed, starched, and ironed.

  1. Once again Thank you Luzine.
    So do you boil and press your fabric first. Or after you stitch and re boil again after. Stitching is finished

    • The linen should not be boiled before stitching. In boiling it shrinks. This makes thread withdrawing more difficult. Also the piece should shrink after finishing the embroidery. This makes the appearance of the embroidery still more beautiful.

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