The last design for continuing the band with circle designs is a little bit edgy. But it is an interesting design and looks pretty embroidered.
The design is transferred to the linen. Using coton à broder No. 16 Coral Knot stitches are worked along the inner line. The tendrils run clockwise, so also embroider the Coral Knot stitches clockwise. (If you do not transfer the design by ironing, your tendrils will run counterclockwise. In this case please embroider also the Coral Knot stitches counterclockwise.)
Please make sure, that the last stitch before reaching a fork is worked somewhat wider than the others. You want to work an offshoot on the
right, so widen the stitch a small step to the right.
All other preparatory work is done per the explanations in the leaves practicing article.
Then the tendrils are worked.
The forks turned out perfectly.

  1. It’s a beautiful design for practicing!

  2. this is so beautiful and inspiring.. I must get all my gear together again, it’s been lying there in the path-of-life !!

  3. Gracias por este modelo para practicar. Es un bordado muy bello, espero poder hacerlo.

    • quat

      Todo el mundo puede aprender a aprender el bordado Schwalm. Comience con pequeños proyectos. Poco a poco aprender poco a poco.

  4. Beautiful work. I like the coral knots….❤️

    • Thank you for the compliment. Using Coral Knot stitches only, one can create beautiful small embroideries. Combining Coral Knot stitches with some other stitches makes embroidery richly diverse.

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