It has been a long-standing goal of mine to create a publication dedicated to these beautiful filling patterns, and now – just in time for Christmas, but adaptable to any purpose – I am happy to announce that it is finally finished. Honestly, I think that this just might be my favorite title.

In this book you will find unique patterns that up to now were unknown. And you will find that I have broken down complex patterns into easily understandable, precise, clear, coherent, and detailed instructions ensuring that you will be able to replicate them perfectly.

This is the publication that many embroiderers, while visiting my exhibitions and viewing the embroidered star pattern projects, have asked for over and over again.

“Stars – Filling Patterns illustrated with step-by-step instructions” includes eighteen different star elements with 133 variations.

Essential elements of the stars are Satin stitches, Blanket stitches, Double Back stitches, Lazy Daisy stitches, Four-Sided stitches, and many others; these make the stars always different and keep the embroidering always interesting.

Solitary small stars are particularly effective on wintry embroideries.
Stitched en masse and combined with other stitches, they become eminently impressive filling patterns. The different possible combinations make the pattern variety nearly limitless – by changing single elements there are always other variations to be discovered.
Fifty-eight especially attractive filling patterns are presented in this new publication. In addition, there are many project examples showing how one might use the patterns. Last but not least, some line-drawn designs are included to facilitate your getting started.

I invite you to discover the beauty and the nearly limitless possibilities of Stars in my latest book.

Filling Patterns
illustrated with step-by-step instructions

101 pages
616 images
text: English
plastic comb binding

  1. parabéns! Aqui no Brasil admiramos muito sua arte.

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