It makes my day every time I view this very special table runner.
The excellent design is from Barbelies Schäfer. The design incorporates traditional patterns and was part of adult education classes. Irmgard Mengel embroidered it perfectly.
On the very fine linen, the “old” filling patterns, in combination with the raised whitework, are especially effective.
Although early Schwalm whitework does not include withdrawn-thread patterns,
the variety of filling patterns in this appealing technique is considerable. Many surface filling patterns can be found in my publication Early Schwalm Whitework.
In addition to a couple of looped stitch patterns and interlaced stitch patterns,
there are Chain stitches in many variations and Satin stitches.
Most impressive are the evenness of the stitches (in early Schwalm whitework stems and outlines are made using Stem stitches instead of Coral Knot stitches)
and the perfection of the leaves.
This is an absolutely thrilling pattern that has been turned into a truly spectacular example of excellent needle art by Irmgard Mengel!
If you would like to try your hand at this technique, you can get this design printed on linen by Irmgard Mengel. Please email me with your request.

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