Since last year’s Advent calendar for whitework was so very well received, I decided to again prepare new embroideries for the first twenty-four days of December. I asked my designer for matching designs, and she came up with gingerbread figures, nuts, and many other designs often associated with Christmastime, but this was not what I wanted. I had in mind nice little Schwalm-typical motifs suitable for creating an advent calendar. So she started anew, and the results exceeded my expectations. I liked the designs very much.

The designs do not share the same aspect ratio, but that should cause little concern.

One might choose to use them to work, for example, only small bags, ornaments, or some other item. To show the wide variety of possibilities,
I decided to make twenty-four different small pieces – presenting one every day, beginning on 01 December. Please look forward to them!

You will see that most of the projects and the motifs are appropriate for anytime of the year.

So, if you would like to work them yourself, I offer the different designs here. Included are twentyfour different designs and two variants as well as a pattern for a stocking.

All designs come in at least three different sizes – some for delicate work and the others for more comfortable embroidering.

Best of all I made a modular design system in which all the designs with a comfortable and matching size can be cut out as cards to be arranged into a design for an Advent calendar, a sampler, a long band, a two-row table runner, or …

24 Designs + 1 Stocking Pattern
Advent Calendar 2017
line drawings in several sizes each
43 pages
8.08 MB file size
Text: English
24.00 EUR
download here

Of course it is also possible to get this publication as a printed booklet for the same price plus shipping charges. This option is not shown in my online shop, so please email me with your request.

  1. These are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Your designs are so beautiful and when see stitched are amazing, thank you. I bought the calendar and I would advise anyone that it is money well spent!

    • Reading these words, written by a person being pre-eminent in the filed of embroidery, made me proud. Thank you for paying tribute and for your perpetual support!

  3. Hi Luzine,

    Does the designs come with instructions on how to embroider them or only the pictures and the kind of linen and thread recommended?

    Louise from Montréal, Canada

    • The Advent Calendar 2017 includes line drawings in different sizes only. Ideas for embroidering you can find on the different days in December 2017 on my blog.

  4. Hi again,

    Is the price different for the emai publishing for customers outside of Europe?

    From Montréal, Canada

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