Linen: 20/cm thread count, cut to about 18 cm X 24 cm
Threads: coton à broder No. 20 for Coral Knot stitches; No. 25 for Satin, Blanket, and Eyelash stitches; No. 30 for Chain stitches, the filling pattern, and the Peahole hem.
Design: No. 15 measuring 8 cm X 11.26 cm
Filling pattern: alternating one row of Narrow Zip (Wickelstiche) and two rows of Honeycomb Darning stitches (Basic Principles of Schwalm Whitework)
Additional items: non-woven fusible interfacing for the back of the linen, a small wooden frame, a small hook
Putting a S hook in the Peahole hem, a year-round picture can easily turn into a holder for an advent gift.

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