Today Schwalm Whitework is represented in many diverse ways.

Alexandra Thielmann, Thekla Gombert, Anneliese Grein, Leni Klinge­lhöfer, Maria Jung, Irmgard Mengel as well as Luzine Happel are names associated with different styles.

And we can not forget the countless talented women who have inter­preted, in their own way, the designs and styles made prominent by the women name above.

Alexandra Thielmann

Alexandra Thielmann Alexandra Thielmann’s work shows pronounced flower motifs with a wide variety of different tulips and other blooms.

She prefers pointed leaves and puts together single leaves with two- or three-piece leaf-objects.

Her designs usually include a large number of such leaves.

Thekla Gombert

Thekla GombertThekla Gombert’s work shows elegant and light designs with mostly simple motifs.

She uses very many small one-piece leaves and rounded leaves worked with Blanket stitch.

Anna Elisabeth Grein

Anna Elisabeth Grein All designs of Anna Elisabeth Grein are highly based on historical designs. She mostly uses very large, very simple motifs and arranges them closely together. Additional decoration, such as leaves or tendrils, is subor­dinate. Thus the embroidery often appears “heavy” and “cumbe­rsome”

She usually arranges her motifs to form straight borders which are further embe­llished with Four-Sided stitch rows or Needleweaving.

Maria Jung

Maria JungThe designs of Maria Jung are full of verve and tendrils are predominate.

Herta Schneider

Herta Schneider Herta Schneider’s work is charac­terised as being very elaborate and sometimes seems a little bit fairy-like.

Leni Klinge­lhöfer

Leni KlingelhöferAlso Leni Klinge­lhöfer’s work exhibits compact embroidery. However motifs full of verve and a huge amount of non-counted Satin stitch embroidery make her designs fanciful.

Irmgard Mengel

Irmgard Mengel Irmgard Mengel has created an enormous treasure trove of designs. They are very different, but are characteristically modest and uncluttered.

Using stencils and the “prick and prounce” method, she is able to print the designs onto the fabric

Luzine Happel

Luzine Happel Luzine Happel has devised a wealth of new filling patterns and thus gives a new and modern look to the embroidery.

  1. I belong to the FB page Needlenthread and one of the ladies says she is taking your courses … her newest kit is tulip wreath and says it’s course 2
    I am interested in learning Schwalm work.
    How much are your kits?

    • In a few weeks I will publish all my lesson booklets and the corresponding kits on my website. In all I have four different lessons, and a newcomer to Schwalm should start with lesson #1. Please see also the email I sent to you.

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